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Hello Citizen.

Here's an idea for the city that isn't just words.

A Creative Director for the City

All the mayoral candidates seem to agree that Toronto needs a-new story, both for itself and for the world. A-new vision they say. But strangely missing from this conversation about vision is a conversation about visuals.

Toronto needs a Creative Director--not just someone to do a makeover of street signs, tourism ads and parks (though these COULD use a little help) but someone to really open up and inspire a-new visual conversation. Someone with the power to expand the collective imagination of the city.

This website is a start

Watch this space for new ideas looking for a place to flourish. A place for inspiring stories from around the world. Blueprints for creating space in which citizens-artists can have a dialogue with city planners. A space that provides a window into the most beautiful projects around town. A space that starts to tell the story of Toronto. This site also includes examples of creative directors from around the world that have lead new thinking around the visual possibilities of cities. Graphic designers that are thinking about sidewalks. Coders that are thinking about how restaurants transform politics. Composers that are thinking about green pedestrian bridges to green roofs. Poets that are rethinking parks.

Okay. Tell me more.

or have a look at some inspiring videos from Visual-minded civic innovators around the world





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Have a look at our tumblr for a mood board of thinking about the way cities look around the world. Or you can sign the petition.


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